Ethnic Percussion Ep

by Jachary

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released July 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Jachary New York, New York

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Track Name: Erased...
You got it made up
Like it was fiction
Cause your pen
Is a pixel
I got erased...
Put in my place...
Cuz I'm too direct
My credit is used
Yes I loose
Cuz your pen is a pixel
I got erased...
Put in my place...
Got to get paid off
Smooth out this friction
Cuz my friend
Your a pixel
And you got erased...
Replace your face...
Cuz I'm too direct
My credit is used
Yeah I loose
Cuz your friends
They're all dickholes
You got erased...
Put in your place...
Track Name: Is It Real?
Well I went and told my teacher that I didn't wanna be in school
She said: "Okay Jach, don't go to class but you gotta know the golden rule
Is it real?
I don't care for gold and I never trust anything that I'm told
Is it real?
Might wanna save a buck cuz you never had no luck
Yeah all I really wanna do is sit at home and play my casio
Fuck a metaphor, I'm dumb and bored and I don't wanna play my show.
Is it real?
I think I'm in love but I know how things are temporary
Is it real?
I think I'm in love but I don't know if it's necessary
You think you're too old for me and I know that you're probably right
But It's cold in the dead of the night
And I told you I would put up a fight for the things that I need
So why you always gotta leave me?
Track Name: Loops of Life
I got this disease in the back of my mind
Cuz I need it but I say I don't want your help
Please Please Me please let me sleep inside
Cuz these trees I've been blowing they haunt your health
People always tryna break the loops of life
But we ain't got time for nostalgia we?
My memory feels like it's freezed in ice
Summertime but I'm wearin an outer coat
Death Grips broke up and I'm feelin fine
Even though they had to cancel two shows on me
Please tell me who's a legend at the end of time?
When I go I hope you're sampling a nobody
Holding hands through the burnin hoops of life
No surprise that you never knew how to go
The only thing that I know is I know It's right
And a hole in your soul is natural