Jach Off Ep

by Jachary

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Album ART BY ELLY CEPKO: www.eleanorcepko.com


released August 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Jachary New York, New York


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Track Name: Holey Holey Matrimony
Woke up in the mornin and my lady wasn't there
Holey holey matrimoney better keep that flare
She got short attention span and
I ain't really good at plannin
Only 21 already loosin all my hair
She ain't fuckin wit me none
She ain't got no pity and she loaded like a gun
She got short attention span and
I ain't really good at plannin
Violent Femme, Violent Femme Blister In The Sun
She ain't got no worries, she just smoke until she numb
I ain't got no worries, I just toke until I'm dumb
She got short attention and
I ain't really good at plannin'
Better not, better not, better die young
Track Name: Knew Better (Ft. Baby Mao)
cell phone
got sidetracked
got hi jacked
every other day i'm wonderin if you got my back
You lie to me I lie back
lie back and just make jokes
on fake coke no scapegoat
if you gonna blame anybody better blame yourself
aint no giving god garuntee your health
better blame yourself
nobody else gonna make things right for you
I'm fucked up and gased up and I know better
You came at me like bitch please you know better
right hook and I fell back and I felt better
blacked out and I dreamt long and I felt better
lost fight
cold heart like frostbite
no last night
found in the dark with a flashlight
my past life disgrace
don't believe in a past life
Just pass blunts can't retrace it
if you're gonna face anybody better face yourself
came in the crib big hole my in face got me looking like surgery
said a few things to a danger stranger now he wanna murder me
everybody know when the ego blow that peak
gonna get a beat down boy you weak
boy you weak why you never gonna speak up for yourself

Baby Mao: 我,离开大学still kicking dat piff
说得多,干的少,talking dat shit
hoping this rap song bag me a bad bitch
back to the lab add to my add lips
practice kung fu on the mattress
shit, 太多人听了我的歌
then I’m back and forth with this rapping sport
谁他们说因为我finna do better
tryna get you in a mood better
妈妈从小告诉我派出所不是我的so i knew better
Track Name: Ticket To Fuck
Ticket to Fuck
Clocks been tickin enough
Blood on the floor and I'm lickin it up
Ticket to Fuck
Soon I'll be in you head
Sayin all the slick things that I wish I said then
Soon I'll be in the red
Thinkin of the sick things that we never did
On the offline
I doubt that
You don't dream
Even though you keep your mind on the dry and confined
What's behind?
I doubt that
You don't scream
Even though you keep your eyes to side when I try
What's inside?
I doubt that
You stay clean
We all wear some sort of disguise
I don't mind if you lie
All the time.